Aoyama Harp Company
Aoyama Harp Head office
Aoyama Harp Company Head Office

The AOYAMA family business dates back to the 1880's. JITAROH AOYAMA was the pioneering head of family two generations ago when the family business was the repair of musical instruments such as violin and organ. He founded the "AOYAMA MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY" to make stringed instruments including violin and cello in the region of Fukui 1897. When his descendant MASAO AOYAMA, who had an overwhelming love of the harp, assumed control of the business he was able to dedicate himself to making his charming instrument. MASAO AOYAMA, with his skills and inspiration, started the production of Aoyama Folk Harps. KENZO AOYAMA, the present successor of the business, by his own efforts began the production of Grand Concert Harps and brought the family company world wide recognition as one of the few international harp makers. 1992 the new AOYAMA harp factory was completed, including a concert hall and museum of antique harps. The family Ethos of "Be honest and do your best work", combined with fine dedicated craftsmen in the factory, enable new harps to be produced in harmony with both tradition and new techniques. The experience of making musical instruments for over a century combined with close association with musicians has kept Aoyama in the forefront of musical technology. This position he intends keeping into the next century. (by Kenzo Aoyama, Director)
Model: 140D(N) Non-pedal
Model: 140D(N) Non-pedal
with Aoyama's original sharpening levers
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